Welcome to Practical Philosophy Guildford

A ten week evening & morning course - also available in Farnham

Sunday 29th January: Talk 'Advaita Philosophy'


A talk by Mark Ryland

Advaita is a Sanskrit work which literally means ‘not two’

This philosophical system is the strongest single influence behind the Practical Philosophy courses offered by the School.

The talk will address:-

Where does Advaita come from & how do we know about it
What does it say
What are its implications for everyday living
The talk will assume no prior knowledge  of the subject, but at the same time seek to offer some new insights and useful reminders for those who are more familiar.

Tickets on the door £5

Free Parking space available in Lawn Rd or the council offices car park at the bottom of
Lawn Road where there is a £1.50 charge on Sundays